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House of  Zen

The House of Zen is a vibe. Artistic renovations of Caribbean homes. Safe spaces designed for relaxation & celebration. Adding color, balance , disco and love to architecture. Creative & poetic spaces. The harmony of permaculture & interior design.

Come lounge in bohemian style luxury. Romantic atmosphere and accommodation Hosted by bilingual speaking staff with easy access to the location and oceanview in a safe secure setting.


We offer our guests an escape from daily routine by providing a uniquely comfortable space A short trip from the United States to Puerto Rico Our goal is to create a haven for the yoga & meditation community. Cultivating an inspiring environment for working clients. Our unique space provides an intimate experience and we offer concierge services for private parties/events. Allowing parties to rent all the rooms at once for privacy or for setting up to custom specifications.


Our focus is on specializing in wellness retreats for yoga and meditation, corporate retreats, and business meetings. We are happy to offer special group discounts and custom services by request. Hasta pronto!

House of Zen was founded 5 years ago in Old San Juan, where the first building was renovated.

A several hundred year old crumbling abandoned building was renovated to be a zen oasis.

Click the button below to visit our old site & location.


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