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Hemp Cultivation License and Initial Steps for Starting a Hemp Business in


Individuals and businesses interested in applying for a grower or processor/handler license can apply online through their states Government site.

For assistance compiling information and submitting Applications contact us

Key Information:

Most states accept multi-year license applications for both growers and processors/handlers and those licenses are subject to annual renewal requirements.

Background checks are required for applicants and all key participants in a business entity.Site modifications will require a fee after the application has been finalized.

The USDA encourages growers and processors/handlers to make sure they have their final plans in place before submitting an application as to avoid site modification fees

Some states may require the following to obtain a license: a research plan, previous farm experience, a marketing plan, or a seed acquisition plan.


The state issued application packets are designed to provide sufficient instructions for completion by any individual who would be prepared to participate in this research pilot program. The application packets include a broad understanding of the program, but applicants should research revised laws and regulations in their state for complete details. 

The regulations can be found on official style government pages.

Please make sure to fully review all application materials and regulations prior to contacting hemp staff with questions. If you are new to the hemp industry we recommend that you view the video here:

Sage LLC is in a unique position to offer direct consultation on completing a license application and to educate individuals about the production of industrial hemp. For some research & development pilot programs may be in place and Prospective participants will be required to contribute statistics that will add to the industrial hemp body of knowledge.

All costs associated with the research are the responsibility of the license holder, including both profits and loss. Sage consultants can assist with finding sources of funding to cover any aspect of research projects. Potential applicants should understand that at the present time it is likely that they may suffer a loss on the industrial hemp crop. Limited production knowledge combined with an uncertain federal regulatory environment and unstable pricing creates significant risk for the participant. The focus of Sage as a consulting collective is to use our combined resources and knowledge to speed up this process and reduce losses.


I want to grow hemp. Where do I start?

*Determine what type of hemp you want to grow; what fits your farm operation: Grain, Fiber, Floral Material for CBD extraction.

*Apply for and obatin a hemp Grower License from local government

*Find a buyer/processor for your intended harvest.

Some states will provide Processor/Handler List on their Hemp Program Page titled "Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program Overview". Harvested material in some cases may only be sold to licensed processors.

*Locate and obtain legal industrial hemp seeds or transplants (processor will typically dictate what strain you plant).

*Research proper crop production techniques before planting the crop.

* We highly advise speaking with a consultant to review your plans and increase your success rate.

For assistance reviewing or planning your hemp project please visit

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