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As an advisory collective we help  business owners to overcome obstacles & achieve their goals visually.


Our team will analyze your idea

and design a plan to deliver.

Our system for designing solutions enables us to properly audit, advise, design, develop and advise on optimization of operations.

THE SAGE SYSTEM - Is based off the permaculture principles which guide us

Permaculture Principle 1 -  Observe and Interact

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."


To become great at business and farming we need to observe and interact with our environment. If you want to be a great leader in your company you need to talk to the employees and guide them by leading them. 

Permaculture Principle 2 - Catch and Store Energy

"Make hay while the sun shines." 


Learning how to catch and store that energy using solar panels or to grow plants is key to living a sustainable way of life. In business this can be done by preserving resources or saving money, energy is money, so if we make a profit and then deposit it in a high yield account we have successfully stored energy. Investing wisely in diversified investments is a way to catch and store energy. 

Permaculture Principle 3 - Obtain a Yield

"You can't work on an empty stomach." 

Obtaining a yield in business is called profiting, determining if you are profiting can be calculated by creating a profits and loss report which is commonly referred to as a P&L. This document shows you how much you spent and how much you earned, leaving you with the yield you obtained at the end of the day or month or year. This process is done on family farms, startups and giant agricultural corporations.

Permaculture Principle 4 - Apply Self-Regulation and Feedback

"The problems of the fathers visit the children of the next generation." 


We need to understand where we as a team have succeeded and where we as a foundation have gone astray to understand what we can do better. This is vitally important to any company building a bigger community, creating real value and encouraging mass adoption. If we begin analyzing and evaluating all the things that we export ( as in media content & promotional campaigns ), we can make better purchasing decisions moving forwards. We can invest in better strategies.

Permaculture Principle 5 -  Use and Value Renewables

"Let nature take its course." 

We live in an amazing era and we can invest in companies and build businesses that make less waste. We have a choice for not only what we do personally but where we contribute to charity. The legacy of your company can be much more than a tech company, it can be a people company that invests in the next generation. 

Permaculture Principle 6 - Produce No Waste

"Waste not, want not. A stitch in time saves nine." 

There may be a few areas where your company is currently being wasteful. It is likely that you need to reduce the amount of capital being spent in certain areas. We advise companies to analyze how to be more efficient and effective by balancing budgets. In many cases to grow, companies need to invest more, but where? We help to design growth strategies that are sustainably.

Permaculture Principle 7 - Design from Patterns to Details

"You can't see the wood through the trees."

As advisors we believe that most companies needs to map out its trajectory and create a flowchart for how it wants to grow. This exercise could greatly help the founders and management to visualize where it wants to go and build a system that is aligned with those goals.

Permaculture Principle 8 - Integrate Don’t Segregate

"Many hands make light work." 

Sustainability is something we achieve together as a group through collaboration and cooperation, it’s not something we do alone. It is spread and taught and improved constantly through the networks that communities create. 

Permaculture Principle 9 - Use Small, Slow Solutions

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall." 

This is a very important aspect of life that Project & Time Management greatly assist with. It is often the nature of people to skip ahead in a book or fast forward through a movie to get to the end. The problem when we do this too often is that we are skipping over necessary steps and work that is required for sustainable growth.

Building a company carelessly or a house on a poorly built foundation is unwise and we don't advise it.

Permaculture Principle 10 - Use and Value Diversity

"Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket." 

Diversification is a solution to most businesses as well, as it encourages a company with low sales to simply create new offers or products that they can generate revenue from. Investing in different businesses is a great way to develop multiple streams of income, which in turn is an excellent way to become financially free.

Permaculture Principle 11 - Use Edges and Value the Marginal

"Don't think you are on the right track just because it is a well-beaten path." 

If your company invests wisely you will have plenty of resources to redistribute wealth and fund the work of intelligent people to figure out a solution to our problems. If you apply the rules of permaculture, you can provide jobs to displaced people or unrecognized talent that can greatly influence your business model. The story of how your company came to be is likely newsworthy and the tale of how you provides jobs should be told! 


Permaculture Principle 12 - Creatively Use and Respond to Change

"Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be."


Change is inevitable. Change is natural. Change is part of life. It’s important to remember that permaculture isn’t just about the past, or present. It is really about the future. We strive to design for change, we aim to understand that things will alter continuously over our lifetime. The changing seasons, changing attitudes, and changing problems will require us to change. How we respond to these changes will inevitably shape the sustainable progress to come for the next generation of users.

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