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Modern Architecture

Real Estate Development

Sage is dedicated to designing unique spaces, creating regenerative boutique hotels & developing strong business models built on intelligent systems.

Our background in design paired with our experience in construction allows us to provide advanced designs for property development. The projects we have planned have always included an element of permaculture and we apply the principles to our concept development phase. 

Observing and reporting on the conditions of land is the first step to designing a truly great property. The process we use standardizes our approach to real estate development. Initial audits of terrain, wildlife, natural formations and potential for natural disasters is key for longterm holistic planning of properties.

We emphasize the need to preserve the nature and form a harmony in the design.
We encourage the use of sustainable materials and provide sourcing of local lumber.
We support the development of regenerative boutique hotels and sustainable businesses.
We provide concepts designs for buildings and permaculture designs for farms.

Our goal is to encourage an architectural revolution in Puerto Rico that ushers in a new wave of design. Our travels through Italy, Greece, Mexico and the Caribbean have inspired us to create hybrid designs incorporating international style with local flavor.


Image by Jason Wang

House of Zen - Old San Juan

The first HOZ was founded in 2015 and located at 260 Calle Viejo San Juan. The business was launched in an abandoned building that required complete renovation. After designing, repairing, managing and optimizing the business for 5 years the nightly rental rate was raised by 10x. 


House of Zen - Vega Alta

The second HOZ was designed as a 70's Inspired Bungalow. The small beach house and casita were renovated to increase the occupancy of the property and raise the nightly rental rate by 5x.

Image by Francesco Zivoli
Image by Jared Rice


House of Zen - Vega Baja

The third HOZ was designed as a Surfers Eco-Villa and featured a 16 foot driftwood cabana/pergola.
The oceanfront building was renovated for longterm & short term rentals and was fully occupied through 2020. After redesigning the property the nightly rental rate was increased by 3x.

Tree House of Life

Sage was contracted to provide design, construction and management support at a location owned by a client. The Treehouse of Life is one of the first fully functional treehouses and our team provided assistance with the design & construction of the roofing, balcony and bathrooms. Since completion the nightly rental rate has increased by 4x.



Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 2.33.55 PM.png

Nahil & Aguacate  - Tulum

Sage has Partnered with a construction & architecture firm in Tulum Mexico to provide advanced renderings as well as provide support for sourcing, structural engineering & consulting for project management. We have developed a symbiotic relationship where Sage provides concept design & decor to their team, while The Na Project provides legal assistance, financial simulations, structural analysis & sourcing of materials.

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