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Project Advisor - Concept Review

Project Advisor - Concept Review


An Advisor will be scheduled to review clients ideas and concepts for cultivation in the Caribbean. After the meeting notes including suggestions and aspects to consider will be sent via e-mail. This service is designed for curious clients who are seeking to improve an idea before investing. A deposit is required to secure 15-20 hours to perform an audit of the operation, define points of weakness, assess priority tasks and consult on plans for facility operation. Optimization strategies are based on the industry, market analysis and goals of the companies management, our goal is to act as a catalyst for profitable changes.

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  • Product Info

    This service inclide 5 x 1 hour calls which allows clients to have their concept reviewed by a professional with experience developing facilities in the Caribbean. If a site visit is required, a 2 hour session will be scheduled to assess the operation. In total this packae includes 15 hours of consulting. The team of consultants at Sage LLC has dedicated their lives to growing plants and businesses in the tropics, this experience can be very beneficial to startups and entreprenuers newly entering the industry.

  • Refund Policy

    A return/refund will only be offered if an appointment is cancelled or the service was unable to be rendered. Appointments will be booked within 48 hours under normal operations. Please notify via contact us page if confirmation is not recieved promptly.

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