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Laying the foundation for a successful edible business.

Invest in capacity from the start :

If you can, invest in infrastructure and sufficient space from the get go to avoid being constrained by capacity as you grow. Look for a food processing facility that allows you to implement manufacturing processes for production-style work.

Select ingredients you can consistently buy in bulk :

Since most recipes find their start in a small batch, you may be tempted to select a given number of ingredients and not plan for buying materials in bulk. Any edibles manufacture operating at scale will need to be assured that minimum-sized orders are available as needed and can be properly stored for certain periods of time. Be sure to forge and nurture good relationships with suppliers and pay on time so that you get the best deals

Add new equipment strategically :

While automating aspects of production is important, buying a bunch of machines prematurely may prevent you from having the flexibility you need to adapt to changing market needs. When deciding which machines to add, justify the investment in the equipment with an increase in efficiency first and foremost.

Kiva is a large scale infused chocolate manufacturer using a streamlined setup with fully automated packaging machinery. A well trained staff can be seen in this video executing each step from mixing to labeling.

The quality that comes from small-batch manufacturing suffers with increased production. There are numerous accounts of consumers enjoying one batch of edibles and not another — leaving them confused and unlikely to want to purchase that brand again. Maintaining consistent levels of THC, along with other product attributes like packaging, is imperative in delivering a good consumer experience.

The best way to do that is to remain in close touch with your retail customers and figure out how fast they are selling your product(s) so that you know how much to produce. Some companies hold production-sales meetings every few weeks and make sales forecasts that help the production department adjust its output. This could become challenging, however, if your retailers won’t share that information with you, but with the right software you can analyze order cycles and anticipate customer needs regardless of retailer feedback.

Elevate you branding through design :

Successful Cannabis brands embrace change and make the transition from homegrown aesthetic to one that appeals to a wide variety of customers. If your branding feels stale or stagnant, consider revitalizing it with help from professionals or agencies. Competition is becoming fierce by the day, and subpar labeling and branding could spell the difference between success and failure. Products that have attention-grabbing, aesthetically-appealing packaging will stand out on dispensary shelves and be more likely to be purchased.

Use data to improve your operation :

As you grow, you’ll have access to granular data that you can use to improve various facets of the business. Whether it’s consumer feedback on your product from a dispensary tour or insight into which content is best resonating with your audience on Facebook, leverage both the qualitative and quantitative data available as you can to improve your business.

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