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Why and where you are losing money in the Cannabis Industry...

Corporate Restructuring sounds bad, but it is very very good. There are many cannabis companies facing massive internal budget problems due to poor financial structure. After 15 years of consulting companies internationally we have no determined 3 areas where you are losing money in the cannabis industry and why :

1. Expenses - Most dispensary and cultivation businesses take a beating in taxes because they cannot declare expenses like a normal business ( Sage has a solution for that! )

2. Forgotten Revenue Streams - Most Extractors & Manufacturers are leaving money on the table by not making highly desirable products ( Sage can help with a strategy for that! )

3. Lost Opportunities - Most cannabis business owners are still struggling with staffing or project management causing them to miss out on profitable situations ( Sage can provide ways to increase bandwidth for business owners ) After working with hundreds of companies and a close knit community in Denver, we are seeing new solutions. Financial options that allow cannabis companies to leverage the same exact systems that enable the top shelf of corporations stay wealthy for generations. We will be discussing the issues behind expense reporting, trusts, banking and insurance policies that will allow our community to ensure profitability. It is important for us to share and work together to provide options as they are not being made for us. The cannabis community, caribbean business owners and US companies have a duty to themselves to take actions into their own hands. Research and development of financial avenues for success have been done, our conclusion is that there are many options that we have not been informed about. It is our intention as a collective to gather like minded individuals to share private banking concepts and structures for finance that will allow our businesses to flourish.

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