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Care & Passion for Cultivation.
Patience & Understanding for Patients.

Collaborative efforts create exponentially greater rewards.

Client 6


Our primary goal as advisors is to begin immediate preparation of equipment and systems for installation pending approval by the investing partners.

The secondary goal as Managers of Cultivation, Extraction, and Infusions is to generate unique and profitable products that will consistently supply the market's demands as well as continually push forward in new directions in sustainable farming practices, environmentally friendly packaging, and safe equipment handling.

The tertiary goal as Community Activists and Agricultural Revolutionaries we aim to provide the Caribbean islands with a sustainable model for business and agriculture. We aim to develop facilities that will fund and provide resources to a large-scale outdoor farm operation.

The collective goal of our group as a whole will be to develop a strategy to handle all conceivable conditions.

Client 4


As an organization, the collective of consultants at Sage works carefully with their clients to assist them from concept to reality. We’re happy to be their partner throughout their journey, while actively assisting in their path to success by finding solutions.

We provide a comprehensive package of consultants to assist with the development of this project and any complications that may be experienced in the construction and testing phase.

Our knowledge in the industry and experience with advanced technology systems can save your company money and time that needs not be wasted.

Client 1

Project Outlines

After many years in the industry, clients have asked us to help transition into a new market. From our first conversations to now, our partnership has not only guided them successfully into the Cannabis & Hemp industry but introduced clients to new streams of revenue by presenting organized plans.


This proposal we have created for clients breakdown and simplify the components of the Cannabis & Hemp Manufacturing business

  • Estimated Budget 

  • Facility Design & Setup

  • System Design & Installation 

  • Grow Management

  • Harvest Management

  • Extraction Management

  • Edible Production Management

  • Dispensary Design & Setup

Client 7

Six Sigma Approach

With the guidance of consultants, intensive market research, and input from manufacturers we will follow the plans created to create the ideal workspace for maximum product yield and quality control. 

This business model and method for working are based on the Six Sigma program to manage production.

The mentorship of our peers, collaboration with leaders in the Cannabis Industry, and adaptation of proven methods of workflow management will enable us to be effective leaders. The management of staff, maintenance of systems, and overall control of production will be greatly improved by implementing this system.

Client 1


Our intention is to assist with the creative development of all aspect of our clients company and bring our vast set of resources to the table for immediate use. The importance of creativity in planning is its role in creating unique solutions.


Our desire is to build a business model which can be scaled and upgraded after its success has been proven. Using this method we will eliminate costly mistakes and grow the businesses finances organically.


As Consultants, we can easily build the foundation for a system that will efficiently produce a high-quantity of high-quality products prepared to exact specifications by using modern technology. 

Client 7


As Researchers we have collectively gathered the information on cost effective supplies to make samples for the packaging, product molds, best production methods and developed strategies for highly creative concepts not currently on the market. The connections we have made in the industry enable us to regularly visit large scale facilities, meet with industry innovators and continually learn about advancements in technology.

Client 8

Experienced Growers

As seasoned Grow Technicians we can advise on the setup of all systems for cultivation of the Cannabis and Hemp plant from seed to sprout to vegetative stage through flower cycle and management of harvest. We have intimate knowledge of feeding schedules, plant deficiencies and water/soil/air condition requirements for optimal growth. We bring to the table a library of cannabis cultivation  books, digital data and resources from consultants/clients we have worked for. All of which we would like to personally apply to this business to insure the highest quality.

Client 2

Strain Hunters

As seed preservationists, we have personally collected a variety of tropical genetis which are being experimented with to develop humidity-loving mold-resistant genetic suitable for the Caribbean. Our experience tending for clones and understanding the importance of healthy foundations for cannabis plants leads us to be interested in designing a Nursery for housing genetics. We aspire to breed strains exclusively for our clients and develop vegetative growth to supply the industry. We are firm believers in offering a variety of service and creating new resources for the industry instead of competing for broad markets. Creating unique products is the best way to set Caribbean cultivators apart from the world and lead the island in quality.

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