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4 tips for relaxation

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Simple and effective ways to reduce stressing over a creative project or problematic business.

1. Step away from the project and look at it from a different perspective.

“We often fall into cycles of analysis which can be detrimental. Analysis paralysis can take effect when we are unable to see the project from a different angles. I highly suggest taking a step back, physically from design projects and reevaluating your work from afar”

2. Turn off the noise and choose to meditate silently

“When we work in noisy spaces it can be important to take a moment for silence. Meditation can be as simple as listening to your breath and being aware of the thoughts as they pass without judgement. It doesn't have to take long but make sure to take time for yourself and away from noise.”

3. Ask someone to listen without judgement and then do the same for them

“Stress can build up and create pressure that is unnecessary to hold on to. One of the most effective ways to release this pressure is to ask for assistance from someone who understands that they do not need to solve your problem for you. If you can let out the thoughts and words without expectations it will free you. Doing the same for the listener allows you to step out of your situation and learn about a new subject which changes your mindset."

3. Go outside and be in nature. Wether you run or walk or bike it is important to breath fresh air and move your body.

“The body has a powerful effect over the mind and when you physically shift your perspective it can allow your mind to make a similar shit. Anytime we are stuck or feeling overwhelmed it is important to go out into the woods, beside the ocean, along a lake or near a field to remember we are fortunate to be alive. The basic effort of moving the body will force you to take in more oxygen and absorb the benefits of the sun."

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