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Creating Wealth ONLINE, You can do it! Here's How :

Updated: Aug 7, 2022


Here are some examples of offer creation for those struggling to sell more of their product or service online. If you haven’t started yet or don’t want to go all in consider this a way to start an easy side hustle.

I created these as a crash course for anyone wanting to generate more income online, but doesn’t know where to start on social media. If you are launching your first business or a new product Facebook Live can be an excellent way to reach more of your audience.

Selling what you do or make online is easier than ever.

All you need to do is show it, make an offer and provide a way to pay. It is a very simple 3 step business model. Here it is broken down :

  1. Photograph yourself in service or your product

  2. Write a headline that hooks the viewer, a story that explains why it’s relevant and an offer that says how much it is

  3. Link to a website connected to stripe, PayPal or square or call to action to contact you via email, messenger, call or text

As a business management consultant I help people develop their brands from bottom to top. I’ve assisted people going from $0k online to $1000 a month easily. The framework I recommend my clients implement can be used to optimize a brand to sell $10k a month easily. E-commerce allows everyone to start a profitable online business from anywhere on the planet. Some people need help understanding all the working pieces and how to manage it all, so I offer help.

I start with an analysis of the concept and mapping of the business flow. Once we have established who the target customer is and survivable locations, I analyze the pain points for the customer and business.

Once you know what your ideal customers need, you can sell them based on what they want. Often this requires intelligent psychology based offer creation, advertising, a system for sales and a procedure for order fulfillment.

Many business owners I meet have mastered everything except selling their product. They have mastered their craft and can talk for hours about niche subjects of high value, but cannot formulate a simple


The main question from consumers is how can I quickly and easily purchase your service?

If your offer is not seen or cannot be obtained quickly no one will be interested, no matter how valuable the product.

We live in an era of attention-based advertising and marketing. Therefore if no one sees your offer, no one cares about your offer. This is where traffic comes in. To drive traffic you must understand people’s attention span and where their attention is focused.

If you place your offer repeatedly in front of people eventually you will build interest for your service.

The key for those building a new brand is consistency.

Consistently offering a simple and valuable offer can mean the difference between 1 sale a year and 10,000 sales a month.

An incredibly irresistible offer that addresses people’s pain and offers an easy solution will always be valuable.

Pricing your offer to be competitive, affordable to your market and based on value is important. If your target market is low income single moms you may need a free lead generation tool like an ebook on organic baby food, that funnels them into a low cost program like organic gardening for moms or a product like an affordable blender to make baby food at home.

Pricing your offer to be a high-ticket or a premium requires great branding, a great offer and a high level of value displayed visually in a high class style.

If your target market is exotic car owners, you may need a cinematic video sales letter that introduces you premium brand and funnels them into a high-ticket course on optimizing/monetizing their YouTube account to generate $10k a month.

For one last example :

My main offer for my actual business is as follows -

Are you a struggling entrepreneur looking for guidance on how to launch a profitable company fast and need an easier way to build a beautiful brand online?”

*video sales letter or VSL*

( Video displaying high quality drone images of island with my premium logo overplayed, cinematic music and me speaking directly to the camera telling my background story, cut to slides addressing the pain points of entrepreneurs struggling to multitask with no guidance, offer support and a course to walk them through the steps, providing guidance and holding them accountable to their goals, display pricing, offer payment options, display link for purchase, display logo, cut scene )

To learn more about my simple system for building brands quickly CLICK HERE to purchase my book

“Building a Beautiful Brand.”

*Link to funnel with book as lead gen to sign up form, follow up page with offer for Catalyst Program course

*( in case people don’t view video make offer in text )*

Over the past 15 years as a designer and consultant I have helped 100’s of people develop new companies with beautiful brands quickly. I understand it can be a struggle to organize everything and launch it all as a business owner having done it myself many times .

I created “The Catalyst Program” as a way to help high functioning entrepreneurs develop high ticket courses and highly profitable online businesses without stress.

We all need support and guidance so I created this system to empower you and help you on your journey.

It is a 90 day course that offers 6 month of support for those who complete the course. Once completed a framed certificate is given to symbolize your achievement in launching your business, because you deserve a plaque for completing a difficult task.

The program features a weekly walk through of the steps needed to legally and legitimately launch an online business which most people don’t teach. Many people just start selling with no idea how to form a company, manage an online business or organize their finances. This online course will speed up the chain reaction needed for you to generate income online using modern marketing strategies, automation and high performance boosting methods.

This program consists of business development practice to launch your concept correctly and strategies for creating logos, offers, advertisements, websites, social media, business and account registration.

I provide 30 videos for training, 10 presentations on strategies, 5 downloadable templates and 2 checklists to keep you on point every step of the way.

The course combines consulting, marketing, design, sales, accounting and legal advice that applies to every business no matter what industry.

The cost is $10,000 for the course and my team offers financing for those in financial stress, always ask for help! T

You can pay $1,500 for 6 months or get a discounted rate by paying $8,500 upfront.

If you are in need of resources there are many options for raising capital for your business. Message me to get a FREE consultation on pitch decks for investment.

You can visit to order now or send me a DM so I can walk you through the steps and explain the process directly to you.

This course was designed to help you launch a brand or business from concept to being profitable in under 90 days. I challenge you to get your first sale in under 30 days and will provide motivation and inspiration to get you there faster!”

That is my offer.

I hope this helps you create your offer.

I am still working on mine as it is a continual process of optimization and improvement. We test, we analyze, we optimize and we repeat.

If you need help optimizing your brand, offer, business or mindset consider taking the course or hitting me up to schedule time to talk about leveling up!

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