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Morning Focus - How to gain clarity early

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

How was your morning?

Do you wish you woke up happier or richer or stronger?

Ask me how to get free...

I will tell you to focus on 3 things first.

1. Focus on what you want and make a plan

2. Find someone who can help you make it happen

3. Set a deadline and put in daily action

If your goal is to move to a better house or a cooler

an environment where you can be free and happy, you're going to need to work for it.

Nothing comes from daydreaming but ideas,

rarely do ideas becomes businesses without a plan.

Plans don’t come to fruition without focused work and big plans can’t be accomplished without help.

If you set your goals higher and set your deadlines shorter you will accomplish more in less time.

Once you are successful and have gained financial assets but don’t know what to do with them, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. I’ve worked for very wealthy people who are incredibly unhappy, depressed, unmotivated and distracted by desire or addictions. Seeing this made me sad and angry because that’s a waste of a life and resources that can be used to create balance.

After feeling that fixing things were hopeless and understanding that even successful people need help. I began developing a framework for thinking to aid in this struggle.

I call it the BATH system and it is part of my course The Catalyst Program.

I teach and consult business owners to create highly valuable offers and sustainable scalable business models online.

It’s easy to get caught up and zone out on the computer or planning, so we need to balance it out and distribute our time or else we will stress out.

The same is true for investments, we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. If the stock market and crypto fails you then invest in real assets like land that is farmable or Real Estate that will appreciate in value. We need fresh organic food as much as we need fast computers. Remember to invest in smart resources.

The Catalyst Program is a 90 day program to take entrepreneurs and business owners from concept to fully functioning business in 3 months.

It comes with business plan templates, SOP’s for operating a company, documents for running your business and frameworks for shifting mindsets for sales. You will need to sell your product, service or yourself to clients or investors to lunch a business.

The Catalyst Program can help speed up this reaction.

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