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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

What are you going to do about it?

Will you pull yourself up?

Or will you fall down again?

Each time we are presented with a problem we have a choice. We can back down by avoiding it or we can rise up to confront it. We can create positive solutions or we can drown in an ocean of drama.

Embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles is not for the weak. If you want to be more successful you need to grow stronger, you need to get smarter and you need to grow your business. Whatever you do, do it better, do it faster and be kinder.

There is no way I would have survived or thrived on this island without the support of others and the persistence to continual keep rebuilding. My kindness and willingness to help others may have kept me alive in more situations than I can count.

We have all been knocked down repeatedly and getting back up can be a struggle. For those already on top that took a hit, there is still work to be done as things change and it will keep changing.

It’s incredible how quickly things have changed and yet many business owners were able to successfully navigate these new waters. It’s like they have a superpower, but they don’t...

What is it about successful people that allows them to continue succeeding even in the face of failure? I have been researching these strategies and interviewing people to design an even better plan.

I have learned from many great leaders, observed many people fail and I’ve personally failed enough times to understand what causes it. My plan is to publish this information for others to learn from.

There’s no point in one person succeeding when we can share information on business, agriculture, technology and health. There are so many ways we can work together as communities to grow stronger.

The next generation holds the key and is quickly

becoming the largest group of consumers. If you do business and don’t work with the younger generation to understand how you can help them or learn from them, you are missing out on profits.

What we can gain from our elders, we can equally learn from the youth. The business owners of the future are the young entrepreneurs of today. How we inspire them, what we do to encourage and collaborate with them will be our legacy.

As an older business owner, it is a good time to be kind and begin offering what you know to those who need it. Maybe your customers are changing and now is a time to reach out to a new market.

Whatever your goals are as a man or a woman, now is a great time to create a plan to leave a legacy that is truly great. In the end it is not about what we take with us, but what we left behind.

Leave nothing but love, act with kindness and help others succeed. This is how we rise up. By being better people, not waiting for others to lead us.

We are capable of improving by supporting each others businesses. Reach out today and collaborate. It is time to network and start new partnerships.

I have made a commitment to start sharing my truth and part of that is sharing how I have succeeded and failed. The other part of that will be documenting and sharing how other even more successful people have reached new levels of leadership or overcome failure.

I hope you enjoy the journey and progression as I focus more on providing you with valuable resources on acting from kindness, exploring nature, building strong brands and creating cash flow. It’s my pleasure to offer these insights to you and it makes me happy to be able to share with you.

If something in particular effects you or relates to you, please speak and engage so we can discuss!

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